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08 - APRIL 2022

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Throughout the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, under advice from the BC Provincial Health Officer and Worksafe BC, businesses throughout the province have operated under a Covid-19 safety plan. The plan consisted of a series of operating protocols and procedures that together helped protect the workplace from Covid-19 transmission. In the aftermath of Covid-19 as vaccines become widely available, and the prevalence of Covid-19 decreases, businesses have been advised that operating under a Covid-19 safety plan is no longer required. However, given the positive results for workplaces, we have been advised to build on the lessons learned from implementation of Covid-19 specific safety plans, and move to incorporating the important principles of communicable disease prevention into all workplaces. The purpose of this document is to reassure our staff, and in turn our guests and the general public that we take communicable disease prevention seriously, and are doing everything in our power to provide a safe work environment for our staff, and a safe socializing environment for our guests. This plan was built based on recommendations by WorkSafeBC.

Communicable Disease:

A communicable disease is an illness caused by an infectious agent or its toxic product that can be transmitted in a workplace from person to person. Examples of a communicable disease that may circulate in a workplace include Covid-19, norovirus and seasonal influenza. Our communicable disease prevention plan focuses on basic risk reduction principles to reduce the risk of workplace transmission of communicable diseases. These principles include both ongoing measures to maintain at all times, and additional measures during times of elevated risk as advised by Public Health.

Communicable disease prevention: Understanding the current risk

  • All current guidelines and advice by Public Health will be followed diligently. The General Manager will be responsible for keeping up to date on the latest Public Health guidance.

  • During times of elevated risk (such as respiratory flu season or spikes in Covid-19 transmission), our more concise Covid-19 safety plan is available on hand if needed to revert to those practices.

  • A supply of face masks will be kept on site at all times in the event their use is required.


Communicable disease prevention: Measures in place

  • There are numerous hand washing stations located throughout the kitchen, bar and service areas, each stocked with antibacterial soap, along with signage reminding staff of the importance of frequent hand washing, and hand-washing instructions.

  • Bathroom soap dispensers and hand dryers are also all touch free.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at entrance to the venue and throughout the for guests, as well as at various locations for staff.

  • Our building HVAC system is maintained quarterly to ensure adequate ventilation of the workplace.

  • Contactless payment options are available for guests that wish to use them.

  • Laminated QR Code tent cards are given to each table

  • Single use condiments are available to guests.

  • As advised by public health, all staff have been vaccinated

  • Staff who have symptoms of a communicable disease (e.g fever, chills, recent onset of coughing, diarrhoea) are advised to remain home from the workplace when sick.

  • Heated & Covered outdoor dining options are available year round for guests that would prefer to remain outdoors

  • Through daily cleaning and monitoring by management, a clean working environment is maintained for all staff. Table surfaces are cleaned in between guest seating’s to maintain a clean dining environment for guests.

  • All of our cleaning products have been approved by the BC Ministry of Health, and MSDS sheets are available upon request.

Communicable disease prevention: Communication measures

  • Any issues with regards Health & Safety or Communicable Disease prevention practices will be brought to the attention of our health and safety committee.

  • New and current staff will be informed of our updated practices before starting work.

  • Various Communicable Disease prevention signage is posted throughout the venue, reminding staff + guests to wash hands, not come to work when sick, and cover coughs and sneezes.

  • At the bottom of this document, we have posted a province wide medical resource list for key medical + mental health, and bullying resources, and approved sources for Communicable Disease Prevention information.

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This document and its procedures are accurate as of April 8, 2022, and will be revisited as needed, with expected major updates upon the release of a new Provincial Health Order.